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OLD TM M4 advice!?


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Hey all! So I've got an old TM M4a1 (2007ish?). The type before the spiked/start barrel nut! I'm looking to get back into the sport and wondering what initial upgrades you would recommend, as I'm quite keen on keeping the rifle. 


It's a shame that I can't put a new handguard on, I'd really like a RIS, but the battery is located there, plus I have the old barrel nut.


I'm thinking a tighter barrel and do something to the hop up. I used to run it on 8.4 batteries. Fired around 280fps.


Any help would be great, thanks!

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What do you mean about the barrel nut? I thought only older models like the xm177 and m16 used the old school design.As I recall there are lots of rails that fit the old TM m4, quite a lot of these will also fit a battery.

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