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WA Super Real Gun Colt Mk IV Series 70 Black GBB Airsoft gun

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WA Super Real Gun Colt Mk IV Series 70 Black GBB Airsoft gun all metal.

Searching the the net I found a store in Japan that listed this beautiful 1911 Mk lV Series 70.

The stores name is Airsoft Shop Japan, so I made enquiries about it and they did reply very quickly, but unfortunately they don't have it in stock at the moment and the listing has been taken down.

If you copy and paste the the title above into Google images it can still be seen, it's an absolute beauty of the Mk lV and is all metal in a Blue finish, now when it was listed the price was not cheap and if memory serves the cost was around $570 USD - £458 GBP. 

Picture of the pistol below, it's a beauty you must agree!

Does anyone own this particular pistol or know another stockist anywhere or even how long this has been on the market, any information would be much appreciated.

I think it's one of the best and most accurate looking Airsoft 1911's out there.

Stay well & safe people!


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Very nice to see interest in Western Arms. :)

WA do some very nice finishes but this beauty is not all metal.

The slide and frame are plastic/resin.

I have bought many Western Arms but currently have no idea where to get them new other than Yahoo Auctions via a proxy bidding service or friendly shops in Japan like the one you listed. You could try Impulse101.

Best of luck 👍🏻



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Hi Mobius Strip, thanks for your information, but are you sure it's made from Resin? Tokyo Marui make a very nice MK lV Series 70 in a Blue finish which looks identical and is a quarter of the cost of the WE from Airsoft Shop Japan, which is why I thought the cost would be high because it's all metal, that makes sense to me.

I personally own a new Tokyo Marui Mk lV Series 70 in an all Nickel finish and it's an absolute beauty, but I wish it was all metal!

How did you manage to find the listing again and post it here? as the original listing has been taken down from the store, they also have a very nice Battle Worn 1911A1 for around the same price as the WE Mk lV, so again I'm thinking it must be all metal, I wouldn't like to fork out all that money for one and find on delivery that it's all made from Resin, I can't see the store trying to pull off a scam like that for a Resin pistol!

I hope someone out there in the Airsoft world has purchased the WE Mk lV and can tell me whether it's Resin or all metal!

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Hi, no problem and happy to help.

I am absolutely positive about the material. Also it says that the slide and frame are made from HW resin in the description. Why do you think it is all metal? :)

Western Arms currently have a MKIV Series 70 they called real steel finish in their line up and that is resin!

WA guns costs shot up in the last few years and the last ones I imported were around the $500 mark. Definitely resin slides and frames as they were promptly swapped out :D

I think that you are getting muddled between two brands. WA is Western Arms and WE is Wei Tech. Wei Tech guns will be all metal. The metal Western Arms guns you see are most likely are ones with aftermarket metal slides and frames.

I got the page by doing a cached search of that page.


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Hi again MS, I must admit I didn't get the chance to read the full description before the listing was taken down and your post of the listing is too small for my eyes to read as I'm on my tablet.

So I'll take your word for it and I stand corrected that it's Resin, that's a disappointment would love to own a Blue metal Mk lV Series 70, I do own the Cybergun Mk lV Series 70 made in a metal stainless steel finish and is very authentic with the wording on the gun all correct and when I purchased it from new it wasn't expensive.

The TM version in Blue is readily available to purchase and is very nice and at a fair price but again it's made from Resin.

MS, you did say in your reply that you imported Airsoft so I assume you own a store in the UK? am I allowed to ask the name of the store?

Many thanks for helping me out with all the information, it's appreciated.

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You would understand about Western Armis if you handled one, they are streets ahead of anything made by TM or any of the other current manufacturers out there, except the really expensive kit like FPR.  THe plastic they us is high grade  and contains metal particles to give it a cold heavy feel like metal, but it is plastic.  There finishes are also streets ahead of other, certainly better than WE's heavy as *fruitcage* pot metal sit clarted in 5mm of cheap paint.

Just for the hell of it here's a couple of pictures of the last two I acquired.1753130213_Photo19-07-2020134434.thumb.jpg.590fb3cb45d617a068e24008ce5bdbf7.jpg1967535066_Photo19-07-2020134335.thumb.jpg.c366bdb448d2257ca68583ee2faa643b.jpg

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Just tried Airsoft Shop Japan and Impulse and neither seem to be stocking Western Arms anymore.

I was a massive WA fan back in the day and still have some of my collection, I'd love to find a retailer still selling WA so if anyone has any tips I'd be really grateful.

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