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Rebuild TM PX4 with WE PX4 ?

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A year or two ago, I was having issues with my TM PX4 Storm pistol. Magazines had started to leak and I was getting concerned about the hammer drop/safety function. While there was no issue with mine, I did not want to tempt fate. I was also less than pleased with the way the black paint on the few metal parts was starting to show wear. Into the box and storage it went.

Until today. Time for another project as I'm still waiting on some parts to come in for my WE ISSC M22 "tactical" project and we are still in "somewhat lock-down" here.

I replaced the fill valves and re-lubed all the parts in the PX4 magazines with success and managed to re-paint some of the wear on metal parts (slide release and hammer drop/safety), there is still the trigger and outer frame area surrounding the hammer to deal with.

Put 4 magazines worth the shots through the pistol and it functions just fine. But I'm still not satisfied.

The only other full-sized version of the PX4 readily available here is the WE and it is priced very well and magazines are also available. So, I'm thinking of running a WE full metail slide group on the TM frame. The WE version has zero trades, but I'm not really concerned about that issue but I do remember some shooters were having functioning issues and outer barrel deformation where it locked up with the slide.

Has anyone tried this with any success? Should I run WE magazines in the TM when using green gas. Should I just "shoot-the-heck" out of the WE and be happy with it?

Thanks for your suggestions and stay safe.

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no experience with the WE PX4 but owned a TM PX4 and have had a go at a few TM/WE hybrids. namely M9  and a glock 17, they workedish, the tolerances  are off so you won't get as a good seal you' ll also have the issue of a heaver slide. The WE won't perform as well as the TM . So If the TM is not broken you'll get better performance with a upgraded hop rubber and tight bore barrel. if you want to run a metal slide either get a light weight one or upgrade pretty much everything. 

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I only use aluminium for slides now. A couple of years ago I did two full G19 builds (initially based off KJW G23's) using all guarder parts. One with steel slide and the other with aluminium. The pistol with the steel slide has never worked that great. Sluggish performance and doesnt have anywhere near the power of the pistol with the aluminum slide.

Will have to see what I can find in the U.S. as Hong Kong has shut down Air Mail service to us.

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Not sure if you are aware but if you've got leaking magazines you can just get a rebuild kit (I offer them, shameless plug) and replace all the o-rings, replacing valves imo is a bit of a waste.

Personally I'd never go out of my way to replace TM magazines with WE magazines, sure some of the WE mags are actually very nicely made, I'd say the XDM-40 mag is one of the nicest but none of them are quite up to TM standard in my opinion, WE also use a much thinner cross section o-ring for the base plate seal which I can't see having as long a lifespan. The two things WE mags have going for them are price and the standard M5 thread fill valve which is easy to source if you shear the head off, Madbull steel fill valves fit and they are what I would get as a first choice replacement.

If you don't have any spare mags then it's a different matter but if it was me I'd still buy TM mags for a TM pistol.

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