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TM 1911 Trigger Issue

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This has me stumped - I have a TM MEU in a Guarder frame that I've been gradually upgrading. Installed a new trigger and all was good, installed an new hammer and it was sticking so dropped that out, popped in the original and all seemed okay but... 


Now when I pull the trigger, the pistol clicks but does not fire. If I release my grip, squeeze and pull the trigger then eventually it will fire but only once.


Any ideas? I have a feeling it may be something to do with the sear spring but out of ideas and don't want to strip it again until I know what the problem is.

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Good catch. I remember seeing this illustrated from browsing the Guarder website. Here is the image for reference: 



Although I guess if the leaf spring is forcefully pushed in place I am not sure how leaving that left side edge on would affect the trigger action? :o

It could also be as mentioned above something jamming if installed slightly out of place. The airsoft 1911 leaf spring, hammer, sear and trigger bar configuration is finicky.

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For installation of safety the hammer should be cocked, right side ambi safety in first (if applicable), left-hand side safety lever inserted almost at the full most upward position. Grip safety slightly depressed. Wiggle in place during installation.

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