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Another S&T Kar98K Springer

Faded Mars

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So S&T just announced a new and apparently completely different version of their Kar98K spring rifle.

This one compatible with their M1903 mags, so probably a similar internal system.

What else is different? Well, the image/features talk about having the side mount for the ZF39-type scope already attached to the receiver. Big news there for people who don't want the crappy little G&G/Dboys 1.5x sharpshooter scope that was previously your only real option for airsoft 98ks unless you were willing to properly tap and attach tower or side mounts yourself.

Another big difference readily apparent in the pic is the presence of the dummy extractor, which is nice given how funny the first version looks without it.

I'm personally intrigued but also annoyed. I own the first version and actually just a couple weeks ago just finished installing all the TNT upgrade parts (minus their inner barrel as I prefer other brands). So I guess I'm going to have to sell it and put the money toward this thing...




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