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Cerakote finishes to use on a Glock GEN5 replica to match RS finish?

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So. With the WE Glock 19 GEN5 MOS release happening and KY Airsoft custom marking versions coming shortly I am gearing up for my ultimate custom order of one of these.

I am planning to go all in and have it Cerakote finished.

I am trying to figure out which Cerakote finishes to use to best try to replicate the look and "feel" of an RS Glock GEN5 factory finish.

The parts I am looking at having done are: 

Slide + cover plate + adapter plates
Guide rod
Rear plate


It's really difficult to decide based on Cerakotes official color chart sample "pictures" (the wave thingies) and all of the actual real world sample images of finishes are heavily dependent on lighting conditions and camera settings etc. so can't be sure what is what.

Basically I am wondering if anyone can tell for "sure" from real world experience which finishes look most like an RS Glock finish.

The other problem I guess is that the Glock finishes have changed over the years and generations so the definition of what I think is an RS Glock finish is also a bit diffuse I suppose 😛

Anyways. In my mind, what I am looking for is:

Slide:  Dark/medium black/grayish finish (semi gloss)
Barrel: Offset one shade darker than the slide (normal gloss)
Extractor: Offset one shade lighter than the slide (low gloss)
Guide rod: Offset one shade lighter than the slide (low gloss)
Rear plate: Offset one shade lighter than the slide (low gloss)

I think in relative terms that is how the different components of a Glock GEN5 look in relation to each other (?).

Are there levels of gloss as an option on Cerakote as well? How does that work and what are the scale/numbers for glossiness?

The official 3D view on Glocks site is a little too dark/black and uniform between the slide and barrel finish for what I am imagining but you can twist this thing around to see for yourselves what they think their Glock GEN5s should look like 😛


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Thank you :)

But yeah, it seems the latest finishes from Glock are a deeper pure black rather than my image of the ideal Glock finish which is slightly lighter and a little grayish.

So, huhm. To go for what is actually correct right now or what I want? 😛



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