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ASG AW-338 (Spring)


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Greetings all, 

I've bought the ASG AW-338 spring version, I believe from what I've read that these are a rebrand of the Ares model as ASG held the license for the Accuracy International markings. 

Does anyone else have any experience of this rifle and any advice on potential upgrades? 

I have already had installed a PDI Raven inner barrel, Firefly hop rubber and the ASG upgrade Stainless Steel cylinder/piston set. 

I'm guessing that's essentially the same set Ares offered. This has brought the rifle up to 475fps, sadly I will have to wait until lockdown is over to determine the impact on accuracy/range. 

Does anyone know anything about the hop system for this rifle and if it can be upgraded? Also I was considering upgrading the trigger with the Springer Custom works S trigger, does anyone know if you need their piston set to go with it or if it will work with the standard one. 

Many thanks, 

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