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WE Hi-Power Mark III (finally coming)

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These two products were on-line production item  let's take look some detail photos   Classic slim~~ Magazine valve also have something different than old

This is just so disappointing. I'm getting kind of "P.O'd" about this now. I mean, I'm hitting retirement age and I could die soon without ever getting one of the few pistols I've been waiting decades

As first video  Its' show using GLOCK type magazine new SMG (or rifle)? but all the focus is finally coming MARK III The second video has more detail about out look ...   Ne

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I may have just been lucky or perhaps Wingman some how managed to get two lemons but mine is solid. Works well with very little play between slide and frame and no annoying rattles.  Black paint is a little too glossy for my liking but I  plan to age mine anyway. Recoil spring could do with being a  bit stronger and need to figure out a way to disable the magazine safety but other than that I'm happy. I've only tested it for function but will be doing a range and accuracy test soon. 

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Mine is supposedly arriving this coming tuesday, a couple days shy of a full month since ordering it. I had even paid for the $63 express shipping like an idiot, but they didn't ship the thing until 2 weeks after i placed the order. And they backordered the magazines, even though the site continues to claim they have them in stock..

Ive really gotta say, if youre excited for a new product thats just been released, never order it from KY. Just wait until a site like redwolf have it in stock and you'll get it much faster. Very disappointed.

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I got mine unexpectedly on the doorstep this morning, so, i spent a couple hours fiddling with it and did pit my initial impressions on the pistols subforum. Long story short; Its 'fine'. I'm neither disappointed nor blown away. Its pretty average in most respects and time will tell if its long term reliable, but out of the box, there were no glaring problems or malfunctions.

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