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Horizontal AEP Glock 18 gearbox


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Project gun I have wanted to do for years is a Ruger Mini 14. I have an old daisy Springer upper receiver heat shield and gas block and a possibly real steal side folding stock having gone through so possible ideas AEG not going to fit, kjw kc-02 would fit but the mags can't fit in a mini 14 shell, HPA would do but I don't want a line and tank. So I have gone for AEP. I have both types and they do fit but  the Glock gear box set horizontally will fit in the upper receiver. Now my idea is to fit the an mp7  cylinder head fitted with a extended 3d printed nozzle to fit a M14 hop and to re engineer the tappet plate  to connect directly to the nozzle and have the gear that drives the piston pull the tappet plate rather than push. So thoughts suggestions would be appreciated.

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