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Cowboy Guns Picture Thread

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As I became recently addicted to lever action rifles, let's see if this thread can go on a while.
So far my Western Collection consists of four rifles
A&K Winchester M1892 Carbine (gas, wood version)
Umarex Winchester M1894 Carbine (CO2, shellejecting)
KTW Winchester M1873 Carbine (springer)
KTW Winchester M1873 Rifle (springer)
A&K is a piece of , Umarex is a joy to shoot and with 3D printed sheels it could be made skirmishable (with added hopup and power reduction), plus it needs a wood set to replace the not-too-bad plastic furniture.
KTWs are the nicest modelwise, partial Winchester markings are present on stock. OOB Carbine does not shoot bad (about 1.5J with .30), range is decent (hit person at 40metres) - need to try the Rifle still, but the reloading is PITA and can wear the hand quickly if shooting fast... well untill the moment you find a gas conversion set from Korea. If all goes well, it should arrive sometimes next week. So now I need to decide if Carbine or Rifle should be converted to gas...

Now I need to get me some SAA Colts, would prefer Colt Navy though.

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3 hours ago, vietnammarine said:

Very nice Sir! Are all of these serial production airsoft or some of them are rebuilts?



And the Gatling...speechless.



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They are all airsoft, but the shotgun, both Sharps and of course the Gatling are custom builds.

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How well do these pistols hold up as I'm starting to get the itch?

I have the SAA for quite a short time, but seems good so far.


For shooting at home I have bought the re-fillable CO2 canisters and fill them just with green gas. The power dropped from 2.5J to 0.2J, but for paper target or Kinder Surprise figures shooting at short distance good enough :-D


Yeah, and I am getting holsters done from a friend. Even found out there is a small group of Airsoft Cowboys in Czech :-D



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Got my Volante Airsoft gas set for KTW finally and installed it to Carbine yesterday. Power jumped up to 2J with .30, but the reloading is like "a walk in the park" now. Hope to test her at game soon.

Western style holster and belt for SAA are on the way.

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Looking good. Vietnammarine, where did you get the volante kit from? I have thought about getting one for my ktw carbine as well.

Directly from Volante Airsoft Korea, he is a great guy to communicate with and has very reasonable shipping costs with EMS to Europe.

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On 7/14/2020 at 1:59 AM, Tin said:

I have added a rifle since the picture was taken. The Sharps rifle (and the carbine ) fires Tanaka Cassiopeia 50cal shells.  



Hey Tin, nice rifle!!! 😱😱😱😱😍

Can you explain/pictured how you modify the firing pin for Cassiopeia cartridge?? Because the denix replica have nothing to fire... 

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