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Your Favorite Tokyo Marui Pistol (s)

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Taking stock of my collection of various pistol brands and came to conclusion regarding my favorite TM's (with some honorable mentions).

#1.) M45A1..With the change in the gas system, a re-designed  ambi-safety (no more loose wobble on the right hand lever) and apparently a tighter quality control of interior parts, this 1911 (my all time favorite pistol-sorry) is a real step up in the TM 1911 line. I would really like to see these improvements applied to the entire 1911 line.

Range and accuracy appear to be better and the number of shots from a gas filled magazine has been certainly improved. 

Honorable mentions: 1.) MEU (once I got rid of the ambi-safety!) and the original 1911A1.

                                       2.) PX4 Storm..always a super performer for me. My only issue is the hammer-drop safety, magazine release, slide release, trigger and most of the other exterior metal parts that just can seem to hold their finish. For the price of these pistols TM should be doing better on their entire pistol line!

                                       3.) Hk Mk23 ..was lucky enough to get a "full kit" as well as another new pistol only many years ago.. after an up-grade of magazines made for green gas/propane, this pistol is a pretty amazing non-blow back. And even though its size can be difficult to work with, its performance cannot be denied. (so many new upgrades available now as well). 

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Good question. Hmmm...


P226E2: #1 for reliability so far. It probably helps that I actually maintain it as I should.

Original P226R: sold it after a few years of hard use. This is notable because I usually run handguns until they irreparably fail.

Original M9: plastic fantastic and not great. The safety switches fell off.

Mk23: legendary for a reason. Less of a sidearm, more of an alternate offensive weapon.

G17: not very reliable, although that could be due to the previous owner's installation of a Shooter's Design aluminum slide.

1911 Foliage Warrior: was okay, but not great.

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I was never able to get a TM P226E2 but I still have my TM P226R which I got when they first came out. It was an OK pistol but never had great performance (was kind of sluggish).

I did finally get the WE P226E2 and P226 Mk25 this year and they have been better performers for me and I'm really happy with them. In fact I put the grips from my TM P226R on the WE Mk25 and they fit perfectly and look great with the correct logo. Wish they used the same magazines as the TM as I have 6 of those.

Regarding the Mk23, Novritch USA has some really great looking up-grades for their copy of the Mk23 and they fit perfectly on the TM. I'm looking into some of them myself.

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I tried a few before I bought, and I chose the Sig 226r in a guarder full metal kit. I can't shoot glocks, the grip angle is wrong for me, but the Sig was an extension of my arm. Firefly hop and a tightbore gave it reach, and I never tried anything again as it was the perfect fit 😁

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I bought 2 FN5-7 pistols and they didnt last a year for me (and I only used duster in them). I really liked them a lot and they were excellent shooters.

All my issues centered around the slides not holding open after the last shot or the slide releasing when I removed an empty magazine and magazines leaking gas no matter how many times I lubed them.

I was considering the Guarder slide but never got around to it. 

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I've had:

Hicapa 4.3 x3

Glock 17

Strike warrior

Foliage warrior


M92 old type




Python 4 inch

Aep m93r 

Aep usp


Favourite was the xdm even if my first one did explode in a very hot day - was just comfortable accurate and the newer blowback was nice.  Honourable mention to the python which if it had a better hop would've been awesomesauce after I modded the gas chamber to hold green better

Only stopped using Marius when I got a kwc 1911 which while not perfect I could run reliably all year round

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While I will always have a soft spot for the Desert Eagle, I have to say the XDm takes the crown for me.

The performance from the new style widebore blowback unit is phenomenal, and the mags are a dream to service. 

Also, the ambidextrous followers the mag... why didn't they implement that in everything? No more mucking about making sure the bbs stack from the  correct side.  

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I've only had three, so I'll put them in my preferred order.

FNX-45: Very well made, excellent shooter. Too bad I needed to buy a nozzle extender just to be able to fill the mags.
PX-4: I have it modded with a Shooters Design slide and outer barrel. It shoots like a demon, it's small,  has big mags and scares people with its sound.
Tactical Master Beretta: My first pistol ever. While I still think highly of the ergonomics and how 92s fit my hand, the model is showing her age, as is was already 10 years ago. Current line pistols are much better performers.

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Literally any 1911 variant. I've had... gak, what 6 or 7 of them?

I also quite like the hicappa but the mag incompatibility stops me from moving over (basically I'm poor and can't buy any mags right now)

Essentially the only real thing that the 1911 gives that other TM pistols don't is the trigger movement. Almost all triggers in all airsoftguns/firearms are rocking triggers, and that's just not how my fingers work. The 1911 is an inline trigger, and that is a movement my finger can match.

I also had a play with the ye olde TM Desert Eagle not long ago, very very nice. If only for the trigger...

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I've had quite a few pistols over the years but my favourite TM has to be my G17 from what 9 years ago?, always works, never let me down, good range and gas efficiency, lobs a 0.3g Longbow a heck of a long way, it's always been run on propane from day 1.

The only thing I've upgraded on it was a Guarder aluminium slide when they were going cheap, that was probably 2 years after I bought it (so roughly 7 years ago now) the plastic slide was fine but the aluminium slide was a little nicer to look at.

It's been cleaned and greased regularly so shows very little internal wear, it's a very simple design and just works.

I had it in a HERA carbine for a couple of years and it was a brilliant woodland gun when I wanted something light to run about with.

I really want the TM G19 but I just can't justify the purchase when the G17 is still rocking.

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It is interesting that everyone was waiting for TM to come out with a G19. For years it seemed to be the most requested pistol to be made. However, now that they made one, you really dont hear that much about it.

I built three G19's using KJW G23 as the starting platform. I used all of the videos made by NonEx (they are super detailed) and a boatload of parts from Rainbow8 and they came out pretty darn good (if I do say so myself..and I do). While they are an older internal design, I would still put them up against the new TM version (with the exception of my steel slide G19 which is kind of a slouch in the recoil department).

The old Timber Wolf is my favorite G17 style and the few that I have are also matched up with various TM and Guarder internals and externals. The grip frame is just so much better than anything from Glock. Every time I find one for sale, I grab it. 

Hey TM, how about a Hk P7M13? Thats my dream pistol.

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Would love to get the P7M13 as a Marui GBB.


I think there is a distinction between the older generation of Marui GBBs and the newer generations.


I have had most of the older generations:



92FS Old type/New Type

Hicapa 5.1/4.3


Desert Eagle


There are some cross overs which I haven't owned such as the PX4 and XDM, and M&P9

Whereas I have only played with the newtypes: FNX-45, USP, HK45, and G19.


The Glock 19 so far is the most impressive out of their line, with great weight, gas efficiency and kick.  However, FNX and the USPs are good consistent performers and they blow most of the older selections out of the competition.  M&P9s are also very good.

In terms of feel however, the 5-7 is the best.  Most Marui's are far lighter than the real steel, while the 5-7 is close.  It does have issues with blowing itself to pieces but with a bit of rework it can be a decent platform.  It is a shame that holsters for it are not readily available.



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