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G&P PEQ-2 shutting itself off

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Evening gentlemen,

I'm having a strange issue with my G&P PEQ-2 which causes the laser/light to turn itself off from the slightest bump.
The module itself turns on normally either from the top button or remote switch.

Even the slightest bump, shake or AEG recoil causes the module shut itself off. 

Has anyone before had a similar kind of problem with their module? How did you fix it?
Google-fu has failed me in finding an answer.

I've tried new batteries, with and without the remove switch but the issue can always be replicated by dry firing/shaking the gun.
I have not yet tried to open the module.


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I had a similar issue with both my G&P PEQ-2s. I'm not a wiring-savvy guy, so I didn't attempt to crack it open and fix it. From what I understand, some of the solder joints are weak, which leads to the intermittent contact you're experiencing. It's also possible that water made its way inside.


I wish I had a fix for you. I ended up getting a separate weapon light and keeping the PEQ as a strictly aesthetic accessory. I never used the laser, so it was no great loss for my needs.

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My G&P AN/PEQ-2 also took a dump after working well for only one game. Externally they are robust and look great, but internally the wiring must be quite poor.

I found this thread that shows the disassembly process.


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