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M14 Picture Thread

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I just realized the old M14 thread was locked down so let me re-start it with my finished M14A1 from couple months ago:





And todays change of stock for my SOC16:


It's a bit more convenient combo to carry. Still quite heavy, but feels much shorter and even better balanced than the original version.



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Just now, vietnammarine said:

Nice, was that Cyma's wood stock?

No, full custom-self made from two halves, from beech wood: 

CYMA one is laminated (incorrect), 10 years ago there were one piece ACM stocks too but from oak or hickory look-a-like ('donno' wood types of China).

There was a one piece variant made in the same year (2009), from a german guy...

As I know these are the two M14 AEG woodstocks ever made (I mean by airsofters).


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Additional two of my M14s are almost finished:

M1A-A1 (SEAL - VBSS Sniper Rifle)
- base is WE M14 GBB (No. 8 )
- Aimpoint 3000 (year 1989) with mount
- folding stock from FPR
- USGI M14 National Match front and rear sights
- USGI M14 barrel band for proper position of barrel (WE's lower)
- USGI M14 selector lock
- USGI nylon sling from 70s


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M14 Sniper Rifle (1967, pre-XM21)
- base WE M14 GBB (No.9)
- USGI M84 optic sights from Garand M1D
- USGI AWC mount base
- USGI Griffin & Howe mount for USMC Garand MC1 (to be replaced by G&H for Garand M1C)
- USGI complete stovk and barrel band
- USGI selector lock
- USGI National Match front and rear sights
- USGI leather cheekpad for Garand M1C/D and MC1
- USGI M1907 sling


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Quite a difficult task to source the parts. I was not expecting to even get some of them.

Luckily and by coincidence I was able to get the most unique once at military show in Germany before covid has closed everything.

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Last weekend I have finally finished also my T44E4 rifle:

- WE M14 gbb w/ modified flashider, gas chamber, bolt lock, receiver
- USGI M14 early stock (not 100% correct)
- SA M1A wooden handguard
- USGI M14 barrel band
- USGI M1 Garand buttplate
- USGI sling
- Internals fixed and tuned to 3.5J w/ .50 BBs.



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