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Machine guns Picture Thread

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Sorry that I am starting one more thread, but as there is around 35 Celsius, I started to dig through my boxes and brought to the light one real veteran:



- If I am not mistaken it's about 20 years old now and still looks good...especialy thanks to no need of box mag.






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Nice classic @vietnammarine! As a side note: How many WE M14s do yo own? 😅

I'll follow up with another classic:

Asahi M60E1 Super Deluxe with AS4L Long range barrel, ANGS metal top cover and GBTech rear sight (now comes the real bummer: Due to german law, it's just for decoration, deactivated it by removing essential internals)





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1,5 years without pics in this thread - are there no airsoft machineguns around? :)


Ah well, then I'll post another one:

Inokatsu M60E3 - pretty nice gun with the steel receiver, but honestly it's a bit disappointing, that it came with aluminum trunnion, aluminum outerbarrel and aluminum gasblock.

Managed to source one of the rare Inokatsu steel kits with steel trunnion (which also has more authentic markings than the aluminum trunnion), steel outerbarrel and steel gasblock, so now everything that has to be steel is :D

Also got a RetroArms gearbox with better internals, all done by a friend who has specialized in AEG tuning.







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That's one beautiful M60. Last year I have seen friend's LCT M60 and "wow" too. That gun is a steel beast. Was considering to get one, but my priorities have changed a bit and lost a lot from my "gun collecting interest".

Nevertheless this became my favourite gun of the last 13 months. It's "heavily upgraded" with period correct flashlight and sling.

Was lucky to buy the last in Czech for myself and last full auto in Europe (it seems) from Austria for my brother.


Reference of Vietnam era SEAL Team 1 member:

And myself:

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