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WA 1911 single stack/SV chamber are different? Small cuprum piece in prime wa 1911 kit?


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Recently was clearing my stuff and found chamber for wa 1911, and tried to install it did go well, slide jam, started to investigate found out that its different, the placement of pin which attaches it to barrel holder are in different position. The manufacturer of chamber is shooters design, remebered that in discription was declared compatibilaty whith 1911 single stack and sv version, but may be there is a discription mistake or its a manufacturing defect? On foto metal chamber from shooters design is up, wa stock plastic at the down below. 

Is there any outer barrel diffirincies for 1911 single stack/SV series?

The second thing is small piece of cuprum in wa 1911 prime caspian delta kit which is assembled, always was wondering what is that for?



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Oh yes, there are many, many Magna/R-Type SVs (or does R-Type just relate to the hybrids?  I forget).  Lots of pre SCW SVs anyway.

It's been a while since I've played with WA chambers but they're interchangeable between 1911 and SV.  I seem to recall having to file a bit on some chambers to get them to work.

I just swapped a Magna SV chamber into an SCW 1911 and vice versa with no issue so I'm not really sure what's going on with that SD chamber.

The copper clip keeps the blow back unit secure in the slide as the Prime slide doesn't have the same retention system as the WA slide. The rolled edge fits in a groove in the slide and the 90 degree lip slips over the edge of the BBU.

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1. I looked closely, when i was taking about slide jam that was typed under memory, it actually hapened on abs slide and frame which is wilson super grade scw3, i had to manually push SD chamber down in order to rack slide back and pull of the slide stop. I not intierly shure but as prime kit abs had the same slide out of battery issue. 
I don't have to push chamber down to rack the slide, barrel lugs side in prime kits made a
bit wider.
And it does't seem like filing will help, may be it fits only to shooters design slides?  I would like to read any advice.
There is some change if i will remove small piece from barrel holder which act with slide stop pin
and chamber pin, but still slide is out of battery.

2. I looked to internal left side of prime slide found groove for copper clip, will i be able 
to pull of bbu unit after installing it with that thing?     





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I'll try and find an SD chamber and see what it looks like. 

I'm not sure on the ease of removing the BBU after you install the copper clip.  I'm sure it can be done but it's probably a bit fiddly.  I can't remember ever installing one tbh.

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