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Hi members could you please share any info about the Walther PPK/S CNC BB Stainless Steel Machined Co2 powered I'm trying to find for sale or any info about tracking an owner willing to sell their's. I'm not bothered at all if it's Co2 or Green Gas powered so long as I find one for sale, so fingers crossed!

I've always been a massive fan of the Walther PPK & PPK/S and NO before you say I don't have a James Bond fetish, I do like the more recent James Bond films though, I suppose most blokes do!

But the little Walther in all its Calibres and finishes is to me a great looking little power house of a pistol, the history of this pistol speaks for itself, who owned them and where they were used.

Now I know the PPK & PP & PPK/S may not be anyone's cup of tea, but there is no mistaking it's rightful place in the book of the best and most famous handguns in firearms history.

Here are the YouTube links that has started my hunt for my own personal Holy Gail, there are only two videos to watch by this YouTuber about the same Walther PPK/S and they are very short also. Any info at all no matter how small or you think insignificant will be greatly appreciated.T

There is also a alloy PPK version I believe that is Green Gas powered, I have posted a video below of that one too!

Thanking you in anticipation members.

Watch to the end as it shows it being fired!



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