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WTB: G&P M733 AEG(or just the metal body)

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Looking to buy a G&P M733 AEG. Or more specifically the model with the A1E1-style(A1 rear sight with forward assist and case deflector) upper receiver.

I'm trying to build a Colt model 723, so I can take the right type of metal body and/or outer barrel also. Condition of the gearbox and other internals is not a factor. I will pay appropriately for a nicely tuned gun, but I'm also quite comfortable with doing work with the internals. As long as the externals are intact. Can be spray-painted and scratched, but not broken...:D I can also consider other brands, as long as the upper is the A1E1-type.

Shipping to Finland, payment with Paypal. Contact via PM.


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