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Other Pistols (2020 Onwards)

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WE P38 and P38K, externally refinished and fitted with real grips to make a P38K and a P1.

It's funny, the real P1 was an aluminum-frame revision of the P38, so WE's use of aluminum for the frame is actually correct. But then they never made a version of their P38 with P1 markings. And the finish is a satin black rather than the deep glossy blue of the real thing, so I had to adjust it a little by adding a touch of blue and polishing with acetone to gloss it up.

Also their P38K is based on a fake P38K derived from a P1. Comes with P1 grips and has a top cover and safety, real P38K has wood grips, no top cover, and a decocker only. The P38K at least came with a dark grey phosphated appearance to its controls by default (since the real one is steel controls), so I just had to paint the slide to match, whereas the P38 was all the same satin black top to bottom. Details, details.


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Recent acquirement, one that needed a total brain-shutdown 😋

WE Desert Eagle with ALC full steel kit and realsteel MAK grips.

Got it used from HongKong, so it wasn't as expensive as a new ALC kit (which really costs an arm and a leg), but still the most expensive pistol I ever bought... it definately is an EXTREMELY impressive GBB kit, everything in that kit is CNC machined steel: Slide, frame, front part, sights, trigger, slidecatch + disassembly lever, safety, hammer. This one is the somewhat rarer version in dark chrome.

Altogether this DE now weighs in at 2.283g, which is about the weight of a real one and almost 1kg heavier than a standard WE Desert Eagle.

Mighty blowback, especially using CO2 magazines.

Friend of mine helped me out with the gap in the back of those realsteel wood grips. he filled it in perfectly. Thanks a ton!








Comparison with a standard WE L6

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Collecting for quite a while now, still happy as a child, when I get my hands on something rare - in this case, the happyness is accompanied by something like awe, as it doesn't get much rarer than this :)

Tanaka Colt SAA Casyopea (which already is rare as hell in and of itself, as these were banned in Japan together with their Casyopea counterpart, the S&W M500)

with a Prime CNC Brass Kit (possibly the only brass kit for Casyopea in existence, either a mod of a Pegasus brass kit, or Prime has begun to build one of these, but stopped when the Casyopeas were banned in Japan). The loading breach is black, as are the hammer and the trigger. Might be, that Prime stopped production midway... or maybe a modder lost interest to go full monty...

So this might be a real one-off, in this configuration possibly the only one of its kind.

Build quality is extremely high, of course, and it has a very nice, authentic weight of 1.030g. The Casyopea shells are a lot of fun.

Really pretty enthusiastic about this one 😃



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