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TM M45A1 Outer Barrel

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The gun is the ideal skirmishing 1911 far as I'm concerned, but I hate this bloody chrome barrel.  The outers aren't compatible with legacy ones (different hop unit) and the black model has the same colour OB.  I'm guessing I'm stuck with this though unless I go metal?  And I can't help but feel a metal one will eat the locking recesses and other plastic parts.  I do not like messing with the TM pixie dust one bit.  It's just a whole chain reaction of bad.

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I've had mine for awhile now and I find it to be one of the best Marui 1911 style pistols they've made.

I also own the 1911A1, Desert Warrior, Detonics, Strike Warrior and the MEU. All are good shooters but the new M45A1, with the design changes (thank God for the new Ambi-Safety design) do make it a better performer. Saving up for the all black model.

That first "all metal kit" (whoever makes it) will sell pretty well and will likely cost major bucks. 

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Regular paint on the chamber and the part of the barrel that the bushing slides over is gonna last all of a few shots I'm pretty sure.  The issue for me is they basically put the S70 Nickel finish on it and the RS is stainless/chrome looking but it's not mirror sheen like this thing.

Not my area of expertise but I'd imagine a high quality 3D print of it could potentially work and stand up to the cycling.

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What about taking an abrasive pot/pan cleaning pad (not made of steel wool!) and wrap it around the barrel and kind of twist it around in one direction while putting just a little pressure on the pad. I've done this on some scratched Glock and 1911 metal barrels and they came out with a kind of "brushed" finish. It takes a bit of time with a metal barrel but a plastic barrel might not take that much time. You just need to be patient.

Just a thought.

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