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New Inforce Pistol Light

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It appears that Inforce has started shipping one of their new pistol lights. These new models look similar to the previous models but have aluminum bodies. The full-size model for 1911's & Glocks etc is now out. This new model is adjustable to 1913 and Glock rails.

Just ordered one about an hour ago and got a e-mail from UPS that it will arrive tomorrow! (I will believe it when I see it. Even thought the manufacturer is located in Rhode Island which is about 20 miles from where I live.

Price is a little over $170.00 but if you go on-line you will find a coupon code for 20% off. 

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There are a couple of new video's on Youtube that are pretty good and give a really good idea of how much better these new lights are to the old ones (all though I do love my old ones). "Garand Thumb" is apparently doing a video on them as well (soon?) and he works what he is reporting on pretty hard.

Naturally UPS didnt show and I dont believe the item has even had a chance to be shipped yet.. oh well.

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This is late, but the Wild 2 light did arrive. All aluminium construction, which should make it much more robust then the original versions (which I still like). A little wider and longer also. But not by much. This is definitely for the full sized pistols. The Wild 1 will be for the more compact pistols but wont be out until possibly December. It is very well made and has some new features (like the battery department and on/off toggle switches that are supposed to have made it more water proof.

As far as illumination goes, it certainly does the job. I tried it out in the backyard at around 11pm and at 1000 lumen, the brightness and range is a major improvement. It penetrated deep into the heavy woods behind my house. Far surpasses my TLR-1.

It fit just fine on my G17's, P225 Mk 25, TM M45A1 (as with all my other 1911's with rails) and is currently attached to one of my AAP-01 pistols (looks good too).

Naturally this means another holster issue, but I think I'm going to finally break down and get the Matrix or Condor adaptable holster until something better comes along.

A very nice light in my opinion.

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