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Old sweat getting back into it... basically a Newbie all over again

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Hi all! I started playing in 2003 back in the Electrowerks (Angel, London), but stopped around 2006. Looking to get back into it, I took a stop up at my old store (Wolf Armories, Camden) and after seeing all of what is on stock and the advances in the last 15 years, i'm basically a newbie again. My TM SIG552 now looks like a museum piece in comparison to what is in stock!

Looking forward to engaging with you all again.


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So long as it works, and you have a few mags, a TM 552 is going to be just fine. Don't get caught up in *needing* the latest and greatest. power limits are still basically the same, most players still can't set a hop properly and TMs always had decent range to begin with.

That said there's a crazy selection of cool stuff if you do want to get new kit. I've not been keeping up to date all that well (except for shotguns :D )

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