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Looking for a good .30 BB to replace KWA brand

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I have been tuning up my relatively new Amoeba Striker 01 Gen 2 and it's been doing quite well. In the process of adding the shorter inner and outer barrel for more of a scout rifle look and to cut back on the overall long length of the rifle when fitted with a suppressor and a 450 spring for a bit more umph.

I've been using Matrix BB's for several years (,20, .23, .25 and .30's) with generally very good results. However, yesterday I found a partial bag of KWA Perfect .30 BB's that I had bought many years ago when they were available locally. So I gave them a try.

Simply said it was a rather good improvement. Nearly dead center on my new 8 inch steel plate target at 90 feet with no scope adjustment needed.  On a huge pine tree, about 20+ feet further into the woods, I was putting them into a knot hole, about the same diameter as the steel plate, after adjusting for the elevation (about 10 feet higher than the steel plate) and BB drop at that range due to limited power of the factory spring, I was hitting at a similar rate as I was getting on the steel plate.

Naturally, I try to look up and re-supply  and it appears ,20 and ,30's are no longer available anywhere. I did manage to find several bags of .25's and snatched them up.

So, I am looking for a similar quality replacement for the KWA .30 BB's and if anyone knows of one (or more) it's you fellow shooters out there.

Thanks from this old aspiring sniper.

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My striker is running around 450fps on 0.2, it seems to really like Longbow 0.36g and 0.4g


I would suggest that 0.3g is a bit light, the hop on my Striker AS02 will easily lift 0.4g.

Range and accuracy are good and the heavier ammo is more resistant to wind deflection.


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Finished the work on the rifle, with the exception of the 450 spring. I did add a small forward grip (M-Lok) and the Wheel style Hop-up adjustment screw. Much more compact with the muzzle break and even with the long suppressor added it's a bit shorter than the full length barrel and muzzle break. Still shooting as it was before, which surprised me considering the shorter barrel. Thankfully, those video's by Bespoke Airsoft are done so well. Made the job considerably easier.

Thanks for the info on the higher weight bb's and I'm going to give them a try. I'm not sure if I will be able to dial down the hop-up to work well with the .20's when I put in the new spring,  but I'm certainly going to give it a try as well. 



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I'm thinking of getting a bag of 4 or 5 of these suggestions you shooters have given me and then blast away for a weekend or two and see how they shape up.

I think I found another 20 feet of range by shooting out of the bathroom window. It also solves "other issues" that I might have to deal with as this is going to take awhile and I like my coffee. Wife is really thrilled. I told her its a science thing. She's not buying it but she loves me. Overall, I think I will have about 130-140 feet of open ground now.

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