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A Sniper Sidearm..your picks

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I have been working out with my new AAP 01 pistols the last 2 days and I am very pleased with the overall results. This was especially the case when I started using the .30 BB's that I use in my Ameba Striker. Speed, range and accuracy appear to be acceptable and the number of shots from a full Green Gas fill is good as well. The ability of using the same BB weight is also a positive for me.

While holster availability is limited, I've been able to use some of my soft holsters with acceptable results. Looking for my Bianchi UM84 (which "someone had best cough up" soon) as I believe if it holds my old M9's, G17's and some of my 1911's the AAP 01 should work. I'm also going to check out the "Omnivore" as maybe I can use my TLR 1 light installed. 

My other pistol that I'm really fond of is my WE ISSC M2 and my H8R revolvers that I was able to find a terrific Kydex holster that allows the use of a Red Dot sight (the sight slot required just a little widening with a dremel tool that took me all of 15 minutes).

So, I'm interested in your picks and holster gear. I'm trying to stick with sidearms, but I do know that many of you (and me too!) love your "shotties". Lets just try to keep them in the "compact" variety (would love to see some those modified examples too).


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When I play support with RPK, I use a Marui PX4 with a Shooters Design slide&barrel and a pancake style nylon holster up and close to the body.

My shortest shotgun is a CM.357AM, and I would be very hesitant to carry it along a long gun. Generally speaking, when they sneak up on you or you get too close, a pistol is a better deal.
You could consider a MAC-10. I have a pair of JG ones converted to LiPo and they shoot 0.25s very well, and they are compact enough, plus you only need the hi-cap they come with.

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Don't overthink it. Find a pistol that fits your hand and learn to shoot it.

For me, it was a TM Sig 226. It's like an extension of my index finger, and I ran it for years. The 'holster' was something I wanted to keep it out of the dirt when I was on my belt buckle, and the best I found was a PLCE ammo pouch with the rear of the lid trimmed to accommodate the grip. Kept everything covered, including the mag release which I found got hit when prone with other holsters. Droplegs meant it dug up mud, and waist holsters got buried under my ghillie suit. 

Ignore Gucci kit, keep it simple.

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The AAP 01 wont fit in the UM84 holster if I use it with the retaining flap. However, it might work if I replace the flap with the adjustable thumb snap unit. Think they are still available and I like the way the holster really holds onto and protects the pistol from getting knocked around and scratched up.

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