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King Arms(?) M203 40mm Grenade Launcher + 3x Shells + MOLLE Pouch

Valuation please  

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Hi All,


Long-time reader (2005), first time seller…


Please can I have some advice on the starting value of the following items? Unfortunately I don’t have the time to get out and use it, hence the sale.  


From a look around somewhere in the region of £95 inc postage seems reasonable. Thoughts?





Make: No brand marking, other then “Colt’s Inc”. Possibly King Arms?, based on the 101389 serial number being used by other King Arms Launchers.   
Gun/Model: M203 40mm Grenade Launcher and 3 Shells

Accessories: MOLLE Pouch for small Shell/Cream Egg/Snickers Bar….

3 x Shells. (1x 24rnd Long Range by Mosquito Molds, 1x 72rnd by Mosquito Molds, 1x 108rnd no brand marking (possibly Madbull?)

Condition: Launcher is used. It has the normal scuffs, chips and scratches as indicated by the pics and it is still in good working order. The action feels smooth and has that satisfying sound.

One of the mounting rail bolts is missing. (I’ve skirmished without this bolt for 3 weekends and the attachment to the rail has still been solid. However, these can be picked up online). There is a small ~M3 countersunk screw missing, see pics, this is one of three that joins the hand guard to the barrel. However, these parts are still solid with this missing. (These are not custom screws, so can be easily sourced if you feel the need later)

The 2x Mosquito Molds grenades are in good working order and do not leak.

The 1x unbranded (Poss Madbull) grenade leaks from the upper seal.


FPS: Gas dependant 
Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: nope 
Price/Payment: £?? all in posted
Pictures: yes

Up for sale is 1 x M203 Launcher and 3x shells (2x gas tight, 1x leak).

Any questions please feel free to ask. Price is £?? and includes 2nd class signed for postage and paypal fees.







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