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RARE TM Glock 17 Custom - FDE

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For Sale - (Rare) Tokyo Marui Glock 17 Custom in FDE - £80 (+ shipping & 4% PayPal fees)


1 owner from new. Used, but in overall good condition, with usual wear and tear from general use. Mag is gas tight.

This is a rare TM pistol, based on the Gen 3 Glock 17, but with FDE coloured frame, additional thumb-res, flared magwell and a different lighter slide. I've only ever seen one other model of this in 12 years of playing and I believe it is now a discontinued rarity.


Shoots around 280-300 FPS gas dependent, with usual TM range and accuracy.


This has been my CQB workhorse, used mainly at The Depot, Glasgow. It is a solid performer and works as it should. It has been run on Abbey Ultra, Brut Sniper and Vertex gasses and the mag has been stored with 144a Maintenance Gas to keep it gas tight.


Upgrades - 6.01 PDI stainless steel inner barrel with Maple Leaf 60deg Autobot hop rubber and Maple Leaf iKey.


No missing parts, however the slide has a hairline crack on the front left corner and the black plastic flared magwell has broken off on the left side (which is no big deal as an identical direct replacement Guarder magwell is only £16 from Fire-Support).

Comes in original box with instructions, unjamming rod, original hop rubber, spare brand new TM hop rubber and original inner barrel.


Happy to supply more photos if required.

Located near Bathgate, West Lothian. Would prefer to sell in person if reasonably local to central Scotland, but also happy to ship throughout UK if required. All items fit inside original box.


Buyer pays shipping +4% PayPal fees.


Included in the package is the following items with original prices shown for comparison:


Pistol - £135

PDI 6.01 inner barrel - £29

Maple Leaf 60 degree Autobot Hop Rubber - £10

Maple Leaf I Key - £10

TM Original Hop Rubber (Brand New) - £10




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