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KJW, Kuan Ju Works, G 32C – Requires part


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Hi All,

Long-time reader (2005), first time seller… Unfortunately I don’t have the time to get out and use it, hence the sale. 


Make: KJW, Kuan Ju Works, G 32C,
Gun/Model: G 32C

Accessories: Magazine

Condition: Used, requires part. Magazine is gas tight, missing plastic base.

The Pistol fires if cocked, but does not cycle properly. From what I can see the broken part keeps some of the mechanism in line. See pictures.


FPS: Gas dependant 
Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: nope 
Price/Payment: £35 all in (inc UK postage, 2nd class signed for and 4% paypal fee)
Pictures: yes

Up for sale is 1x KJW G32C with magazine. GBB featuring metal slide and polymer frame.
Semi-automatic Airsoft pistol. Compact version of the G32. Rail framed design for tactical flashlight & laser sight attachment.

Pistol requires part.

Any questions please feel free to ask. Price is £35 and includes 2nd class signed for postage and paypal fees.

PXL_20201004_115118369 (450x800).jpg

PXL_20201004_115124455 (450x800).jpg

PXL_20201004_115149319 (800x450).jpg

PXL_20201004_115212776 (800x450).jpg

PXL_20201004_115225375 (800x450).jpg

PXL_20201004_115331607 (800x450).jpg

PXL_20201004_115516251 (800x450).jpg

PXL_20201004_115720309 (800x450).jpg

PXL_20201004_115735570 (800x450).jpg

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