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Light Protection

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Surefire heads are roughly 2mm bigger in diameter than AA Maglites but I guess if it's rubber there will be some flex to accommodate the Surefire.  I don't recall them being recommended but they might be OK.  

I've cut some 3mm polycarbonate discs and friction fitted them to inside the bezel.  You could probably get away with 1mm polycarbonate discs that you can cut with scissors.  Sandwich one of those in a clone Surefire IR filter flip housing is another approach.

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Polycarb is the way to go. I salvaged the visor from a 'used' motorbike helmet and fitted that to my torch back in the Eletrowerkz days, that thing got hit *a lot* and never showed any signs of cracks. Just unthread the original glass, cut the polycarb to fit, and thread it back in.

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Good news, I guess my memory served me because the main widget you get in the Maglite AA kit fits pretty damn well on my regular and vampire Surefire scout heads.  It's tight, takes a solid push to get on and a fair bit of wiggling and messing around to remove, but you know it's not going anywhere in game.

If anyone's reading this and is interested, there's a guy on ebay if you search 'airsoft polycarbonate' who'll do disc of any size for £3, free postage.  Setup sorted.  There's cheaper ways obviously, but this is still way cheaper and easier than getting someone with a lot of technical experience to fabricate a tool that can remove the (mega tight) lens retainer ring from the front of an sf vampire head.   The vamp I had shot out at a weekender years ago took bloody ages to get fixed.

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There's also tactical optician: http://www.tacticaloptician.co.uk/

I also had some lens protectors for NV made up by this guy: https://www.senchoo.eu/mil-simple-nvg-lens-protector - alas I'm a doofus so I got the sizes wrong, but they are very nice, as "nice" as a plastic disc can be anyway. Maybe I will come back to him but I may just double up on Ckin's suggestion which i think is this link: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Airsoft-Replacment-Polycarbonate-clear-red-Lens-For-Tactical-red-Torch-/183028177095 

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