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Gas Mags in the Post

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Apologies in advance this is a tad lazy of me, but I've seen so many conflicting stories and I'm hoping someone might already have a solid, evidenced answer.

I've accumulated WAY too many TM pistol mags the past decade or so, total waste having them all just sit there when I rarely play, but having heard stories of even mags that are totally empty with the valves removed being seized I'm not sure what to do.  Pretty much any solid knowledge/experience folks have with regards services to use, rules they've checked etc would be appreciated.  Don't wanna  go with 'oh I just empty them and send them anyway it'll be fine' because it's not always fine.  I don't want to lose paypal money having to refund people for things that have been destroyed or waste anyone else's time when what they've paid for never shows.

Oh and if anyone wants some TM 1911A1/MEU or P226 mags in north London and wants to come get them for a lot less than RRP gimme a shout lol.

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Royal Mail prohibit pressure containers, even if empty, and they have destroyed components even though that's not against their rules specifically. People who send stuff with whatever ritual are banking on RM not checking the package.


Other couriers may have different rules so you'll have to look those up.

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