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Alternate socket design to remove stuck 10mm engine manifold nuts?

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I'm trying to remove the last three nuts from my Zafira B manifold/catalyst combo and unfortunately they are stuck and I can feel them starting to give on the corners. Is there an alternative socket design (I'm using a standard 10mm hex socket) that will have better purchase on the nut, maybe a socket that applies pressure to the flats?

Would a suitably sized Torx socket work? I've also heard of 'Milli Inch' sockets that work on both mm and inch fasteners and apply pressure to the flats but I can't find any trace of them. Do you know of them, have I got the name right?

Any ideas?


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Is there room to get a gator socket in? They aren't much bigger than a standard size.


I remember maybe 20-25 years ago my dad buying one when they had first come out here for a similar engine job and it was brilliant.

Don't buy a cheap copy, the pins just twist out or shear because the whole thing is made of monkey metal.

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I'd seen those before and just thought they were some sort of cheapo, infomercial type product, however, I'll have a look into. I do suspect that the overall diameter will prevent me from using it as the nuts are very close to the manifold pipes.

I've also found 'Metrinch' that bears on the flats and not the corners.

Thanks for the idea.


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