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Hi There From a Collector From Germany

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Hi everyone,

been registered here for a looong time now, but somehow never actually wrote anything...

Just recently started to read across a few UK airsoft forums and though "why not get a bit more active?" :)

I'm not a player, pure collector, with an emphasis on old / classic / rare / odd / japanese / shellejecting (or a combination thereof) airsoftguns. Been collecting for over 15 years now, and I can tell you, it's a tough job and a stupid decision to collect things like these here in Germany with our strange gun laws 😝

Will probably rummage around the classifieds mostly and maybe post a few fotos of out-of-the-ordinary airsoftguns :)



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Thanks for the warm welcome :)

I'll post a few pics right away BigAl (always a bit hard to decice, where to begin :no2:)

edit: Shame, that even "standard" picture threads like WWII guns or revolvers are locked -.- So I'll contact a mod and ask if I'm allowed to start a WWII picture thread again, right?

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