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Tavor AEG maintenance pointers

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Okay lads, so I got my hands on an used Tavor AEG without a box and manual. All I know is, it has CW thread on the barrel, as opposed to more common CCW one, a bolt catch that, judging from the sound it made when I pressed it after trying to fire it with a barely charged battery, also unlatches the anti-reversal latch in case the piston gets stuck back, and trademarks, including a serial number: VE012004. The first thing I had to do was tightening the hex screw on the selector lever, as otherwise it wouldn't hold on auto (it sprung back to semi).

Any ideas what I'm dealing with and what should I check?

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What brand is it? Ares? S&T? Does it have a full length top rail or a small section or MARS sight? 

I have an early Ares Tavor so what I say will have references to that. 

if it’s old, good chance you need to strip and service the gearbox anyway. Grease goes off with time and will just not end well. Hopefully that’s all you will need. 

While it uses standard gears, piston etc, it has bespoke cylinder head, tappet plate, cut off lever, secondary springs. 

if any of the bespoke parts are broken it’s a write off. Historically you would often see a Tavor for sale with another Tavor thrown in as a donor for parts. 

Common things that need addressing or could cause issues are: 

- sensitive mag release, making it easy to drop mags

- proprietary hop unit that isn’t great, a modified M4 unit will work, then requiring an M4 air nozzle.

- the micro switch may suffer from arc corrosion over time, so replace with a decent quality one and install a MOSFET. Personal preference is a GATE product. 

- loss of parts due to complexity of disassembly. 

it is a difficult thing to disassemble and can be finicky, particularly with the trigger and selector rods. Just take your time and be prepared to disassemble and reassemble multiple times. 

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21 hours ago, Dr.Arnie said:

What brand is it? Ares? S&T? Does it have a full length top rail or a small section or MARS sight? 

No idea. It has a short top rail located in front of folding rear sight hump. I got it from a guy on local auction site, it was badly described so I think even he didn't have a clue.

The battery goes under the front grip, and the through-hole in the back doesn't have a rim for a QD sling loop to click into, that's what I know. Which might mean we're dealing with an early S&T. The HU looks like a M4 unit, the cylinder is anodized candy red and the mag release is the exact opposite of sensitive, magwell is pretty tight on the aftermarket ACM PMAG I bought for visual effect. Thanks for the help anyway.

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