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Improving the accuracy of the KJW Glock 23

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I'm considering getting the Guarder enhanced hop up chamber for my KJW Glock 23 to improve the accuracy which is somewhat inconsistent currently. I wanted to check if it was worth getting? I also have a crazy jet inner barrel which has fitment issues with the standard hop chamber, so I'm hoping that will fit properly with a Guarder hop up chamber. Any information or advice is much appreciated.

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Don't know about the inner barrel fitment but what enhanced means in terms of Guarder hop is it's durable as opposed to Kjw hop which breaks at the bottom but will still work, that might be the reason for inaccuracy. I have upgraded both my Guarder Kjw builds with the Guarder hop it's on par with TM and actually a very good replacement for Kjw or for a scratch build TM. 

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Thanks! This is all very useful information, one thing I have gleened is that the hop up arm on the guarder enhanced chambers is made of steel which I guess contributes to both accuracy and durability. To be honest, if it's on par with Tokyo Marui, that's plenty good enough for me. Cheers!

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