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Maple Leaf 2021 buckings

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Has anybody done some real bucking vs bucking comparison between VSR type ML 2021 Autobot (antifreez???), original Autobot and the old Diamond?


I was testing Autobot 2021 last weekend and have to say was quite impressed by it's cold weather performance. But I am not sure if it is really better or just "my wish".


Also these new buckings seem to be a step softer compared to original autobots.


Dimitri MdP maybe?


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lol. Haven't tried those yet, but have some on the way. Honestly I wouldn't expect them to behave any different, I believe the change is mostly for manufacturing ease (which is welcomed, considering their previous ones had ocasional molding issues). But I'm certainly looking forward to give them a try. Ill try to run some test when they arrive.

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