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Polyswitch getting hot

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I just finished installing an XCORTECH XET304U mosfet, 11.1V lipo, deans connectors and 16 gauge wiring in my Cyma cm028. The rate of fire has gone up from 11 rps to 19 rps and the trigger is much more responsive so a win so far.


I've been reading that some people remove their fuse to reduce the resistance in the wiring.  However I wanted piece of mind and in my search for an alternative I came across polyswitches as low resistance and resettable alternative to  fuses. I connected two 16V 10A polyswitches https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/153536855033 in parallel and the gun seems to work fine however on stress testing it after about 15-20 seconds on full auto they get very hot and the rate of fire drops dramatically.


Using an IR thermometer I noticed that the temperature of the polyswitches went as high as 85 degrees Celsius and I then stopped testing as I was worried I'd burn them out. The wiring, battery and mosfet remained cool throught.


What worries me is the fact that they are stored alongside the battery in the plastic stock where out of sight during a game they could melt the cables, stock etc of they got too hot?


Has any got experience with polyswitches? Am I worried for nothing? Can it melt plastic/cables? Any way to lessen the risk? Add a third polyswitch in parallel for example?



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