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Limited ammo game

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In the United States, Milsim West runs limited ammo games. Each rifleman gets 500 rounds at the start of the event. Machinegunners are given more. Platoons are re-supplied occasionally throughout the event and ammo can be taken off "dead" players. The limited ammo definitely affects the game play. I was way less likely to take low probability shots when I knew I only had a single spare magazine of ammo remaining. In addition, prioritizing who gets the bulk of the re-supplied ammo becomes a consideration. In general, at least in my platoon, we tried to get a magazine or two worth of ammo to each rifleman and then distributed the remaining bulk of the ammo to the guys running machineguns. The MGs, at least at MSW, are a pretty big force multiplier and can do a ton of damage in the defense, so we always prioritized keeping them up and firing.

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Used to run these commonly at Eletrowerkz, First game of the month was "hardcore night" and the last game was "oldschool night". Hardcore night encouraged boxmags, mostcarts and thunderflashes* And the Oldschool night had quite a few limits but mainly no moscarts, and a maximum carried 300 BBs per player. This ammo limit included all equipment, pistol mags, speedloaders and the rest.
Bear in mind this is an extremely tight CQB site and you would be in contact for pretty much the whole gametime, and each game would be 10-30 minutes depending on what gametype was being played. 300 rounds was few enough that you really did have to limit your shooting volume, but still high enough that you probably didn't ran out of ammo unless they got carried away. At a different site with different styles of play you should choose your ammo limit to match.

Kit or ammo restrictions can be used to make an interesting change to how your games play out. It can also be used by snobs who want to stifle the enjoyment of others, so it should be done wisely with the intention to improve the game.

*they were specially made to be quiet due to the location being in the middle of London.

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For UK skirmishers; I'd recommend Gunman Airsoft's 'film-sim' games if you're looking for limited ammunition, class-based, objective-focused games.


I've been playing their Cold War themed series 'Red Mist' for the last 7 years, & it definitely scratches that itch for me. However; if you're not necessarily into themed games such as these, they run regular events which use similar rule-sets without the aesthetic restrictions imposed by these themed games. 

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