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I just do pre 90, so I'm not an expert, but if you want to be really cheapo: get a PLCE vest, a pakol, a DPM/DDPM smock, civvie "outdoor" or DPM/DDPM pants, touring boots and shemagh. For weapon: C8 look-a like (with ACOG), or SAW, look after paintjobs, and that's all.  If you need more sophisticated, I have a picture about roll pin belt plus PLCE pouches (all spray painted), and cut off FLC used as H-harness (seems to be really practical). If thinking bit earlier (first gulf war), i have photo about ALICE gear added belt loops, to be able to fit on roll pin belt.

For later one: you need RAV vest, and MICH 2000 helmet. You can mix DPM, DDPM, UCP, and 3 color US desert, and maybe tigerstripe too. And "RAID" mod BDU shirts!!!

"At the moment" impression: I absolutely don't know...

Plus I would recommend this: 


And that: 


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Surprised I didn't see this thread until now. @[CPT] ChickMcNugget, I made a google doc to help the uninitiated put together a passable UKSF Direct Action (DA) kit:


With an accompanying rifle build guide:


Tangentially related is a Counter-Revolutionary Warfare (CRW, or "black kit") build guide:


And of course, machine gun build guides (L110 Minimi and L7A2 GPMG) for when your patrol needs a little more "oomph":




I'm not terribly interested in putting together a current issue kit, or really anything more recent than 2012. I find that the abundance of Crye makes all SOF units look about the same, losing a lot of the unique "flavor" and appeal. That is to say nothing of the cost of Crye carriers and the like, which makes equipping a group of people with varying financial means even more difficult. Older kit is easier to find and generally less expensive, with replicas available for some items.

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