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Updates running as of 18th of January

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I'm running a whole heap of updates that we really ought to have done ages ago at the moment, sop apologies for any errors on the site while I do this. The issues are we need the latest version of various bits of front end software (like the forums) updated but it relies on a newer back end software version which then triggers a heap of updates for everything else that runs on there... it then becomes a laundry list of stuff that needs to be done.

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It is getting there :)

Just added to the front page...


all slowly being converted into the new site format, but for the moment you can find all the old Projects, Reviews and Articles. 
We also have a bit of a wayback machine and a few sites that we have permission to host including archives of Practical Airsoft and Just Pistols. Please bear in mind we don't own these and are hosting them to preserve their history.

I've been meaning to start getting all the old articles back online and the mirrors running. I believe I have a couple of other websites backed up that went down as well, but I do have permission from both of those authors to host them.

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I've continued tweaking and sorting the site for everyone. I've run a short test of Google AdSense to see how that works. It should only appear for 50% of traffic on the site and was kind of a test to see if CPC style adverts would produce enough to pay for the hosting costs. I'm on the fence as to if I like Google having control of adverts.

If there's something you like or have a suggestion do stick it in here.

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