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Has anyone seen APC556 and APC9 AEGs?

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Okay. This is a PDW thread. PDW standing for Plain Damn Weird. Octagon Airsoft is selling folding stocks for APC9/APC556 replicas, but, not the replicas themselves. It appears that despite being made in China, both are Japan-exclusive.



Someone has cracked the latter open, and it appears to be a bog standard V2 setup:


Did I miss something, or is it something new? The blog post is dated January 12, so it might be news...


EDIT: Whaddaya know, Tiger111 has the APC9K in stock, however, I can't find the APC556 anywhere yet.


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Update, APC9K is available from Tiger111.
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What I want to know is who makes that EFCS. It's marked by DE, but I've seen it in a brand called Poseidon, which has or had a line of Punisher 1-3 rifles.
They called it Trident EFCS in those.

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You're buying B&T guys that's what you gotta pay... lol

Random fact; the 556 is the only gun I've ever shot that's bit me.  Dropped down behind one at a range day, never handled it before, didn't know about the *suitcasey* reciprocating charging handle.  Never had to man up so hard in my life to not let anyone around me know I just *fruitcage*ed my own left thumb.

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