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F9P Camo Plates - Velcro for your Velcro


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Left is before, right is after, centre is the actual product.


Many years ago I attached a patch to a Crye G3 shirt and didn't like the lack of security with the split velcro, I also didn't like the fact that the AC and G3 lines have never featured pattern matched loop.  After a while I started getting custom tactical sewing guys in the US to just sew hook on the back of camo loop in different MC patterns, US Woodland, Desert Night etc to both bridge those gaps and add camo to my Crye shirts and replicas from Roman.  Fast forward to 2019 I heard of a company able to print loop almost as easily as using an inkjet at home and in similarly small quantities, whereas getting real camo velcro made requires spending in the region of tens of thousands on ordering multiple thousand yard rolls of the material.  Then if you only have raw loop you've got to find a trustworthy tailor who knows and understands uniforms, wait in their inevitably long queue, pay a reasonable sum for their time and skill and hope the damn post office doesn't lose your rare uniform pieces somewhere along the way; I went through all of the above many times.

This morning, after a lengthy process, my Camo Plates were finally made available and are now in stock and ready to buy in a range of cool camos, most of which have previously been unavailable in velcro form.  They come in 2x4" and 4x4" versions shown above which cover the arm pocket areas on a Crye shirt (or replica), with the 4" also perfectly fitting on a Spiritus half flap.  There is also a 4x8" (not pictured) version that entirely covers the front of a Spiritus chassis, exact replica thereof or similar small chest rig with the same size loop field on the front.  Whether you own something like a Crye G3 shirt that has plain loop and you want to add camo, or you simply want to change the camo loop on a given product for a different pattern that you like (works particularly well on Spiritus chassis), these are cheap and take, ooh.. roughly 1 whole second to apply with zero permanent modifications to your kit.  Unfortunately shipping from Indonesia, where my retailer Vajra Tacical Concepts is based, is not very cheap at the moment due to COVID and the cost of the product ratio to the cost of shipping isn't ideal, but that is what we're limited to at the moment.  In the event I can secure retailers in the UK/US I'll certainly endeavour to, though that may be a tricky feat.

For links to purchase and further reading please click here and do ask any questions in the thread, cheers guys.


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