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Accessory/Make: Laser Products
Condition: Used, Fair
Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No/No/No
Price/Payment: £125.00 plus PayPal fees, free UK shipping
Pictures: As below, more available upon request.



For sale is a genuine Laser Products handguard for the Remington 870. This is a SureFire 618, from before SureFire was SureFire (Laser Products became SureFire in 1999). Perfect for SWAT impressions from the 1990-2000s. Drop-in fit for APS, Dominator, PPS (I think) and possibly others; other 870s can probably be modified to accept it, or this can be modified to fit them.



Early 1990s vintage with pre-knurling lamp assembly; this thing is so old that it has a Laser Products-marked bulb. Readily converted to LED (and rechargeable batteries, if so desired) with P60-type drop-in from LumensFactory.




US police surplus with moderate wear, but fully functional. As usual with 618s the heatshrink over the tape switch perished; the previous owner repaired with a black caulk which works fine but is a bit scruffy. Price reflects this; I'm asking about half what one of these fetches in good condition.


£125 plus fees, UK shipping included.

If you've any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

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