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What are the current genereation 'good' optics for airsoft?

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It used by to be HurricanE and some G&P's, but that was ages ago.

I got myself a Vortex Sparc some time ago and, whilst a good option for €200, it has a hard to find battery option.

Can you guys recommend decent clear optics for airsoft at around €200 that use AA, AAA or CR2032?
Not so much CR123 as that's hella expensive at €5.5 a pop and they don't run that long.
Looking for micro sized and/or Eotech style.


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CR123s are really that expensive in Belgium?  Over here you can get 10 posted for £15 on ebay and that's with a 1 second search.  Probably cheaper deals out there.  And that's branded Panasonic, Energizer etc.

As said, the EG Tactical/Holy Warrior are the only models worth looking at for the Eotech look.

I think the Vortex line is the sweet spot at that price point but you could look at Vector Optics which are cheaper but offer CR2032 battery options.

There are probably a few Holosun and Sig Romeo models worth taking a look at like the Romeo5.

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The rise of cheap micro dots intended for real steel has helped out airsoft. You can now get a Holosun or Sig red dot for $100-150 USD.

I have a couple of Sig Romeo 5s. The Romeo 5 uses a CR2032, but there are also variants that use AAAs. It also deactivates if it doesn't detect motion for some amount of time (not an amount I've run into during an airsoft game) so if you leave it on it won't run dead. Sig also has a good warranty.

Otherwise I've had good luck with the C-Mores sold on Aliexpress for around $30 USD. Clean glass, clean dots, easy to adjust, easy to make lens protectors for, hold zero.

I'm not sure how Vector's 'modern' stuff compares, but I'm not especially impressed with their PSO- the glass is fine, but the eye relief is touchy, and the tensioning lever broke off after minimal use. Maybe their red dots are better.

Also Vortex is great, albeit the most expensive of the options thus far.

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