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WTB: TOP Ultimate Shell Ejection EBB AEG, no matter which version

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Hi everyone,

I'm looking for a TOP Ultimate Ejection EBB AEG.
As an AEG, this is one of the very few shellejectors, that we can have in fullauto here in Germany, as it can easily be downgraded to 0,5 Joule (gasdriven guns are not accepted as fullauto is forbidden for anything over 0,5 Joule and the power of gasdriven guns depends too much on the gas type and temperature).

I know, that these were sold in the UK and Ireland back then, so maybe someone has one of these still lying around and would part with it.
A TOP M16A1 would be absolutely kickass, but these were the rarest variant of those EBBs, so a more common version like the normal M4, or a URX or Stoner Rifle version would be fine, too. It could even have a malfunction, but must appear salvageable :)

I'd pay good money for one of these. The gun would have to be shipped to CZ (where it would be downgraded to 0,5 Joule).


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