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SWIT Airsoft Taiwan, beyond ridiculous order

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Hate to do something like that, but this is getting ridiculous...
I reckon most of you here know SWIT Airsoft in Taiwan, it definately is an interesting store with cool, out of the ordinary items and custom stuff.
This is the story of an order at SWIT, that has become an ordeal, which started in May 2020 and is still going on!
A friend of mine and I ordered an EMG Steel TTI Combat Master at Swit, plan was, that I get the steel slide + outer, he keeps the rest for a project.
Back then, in May 2020, Shipping with EMS wasn't possible, due to the pandemic - that was totally understandable, we decided to wait, until EMS was available again.
After 5 months of waiting and long correspondence, in October 2020 we asked if we could cancel the order - SWIT declined and stated that we would not get full refund in that case. How much they'd keep, they were not able to say (!).
Not wanting to risk losing something like half of our money, we decided to not cancel and have the gun shipped with FedEx instead, far more expensive but we were sick of waiting and obviously would have lost part of our money anyway.
Took several weeks again, until SWIT shipped. The TTI arrived in January and, tadaaa, it was a standard TTI, not the steel version.
Needless to say, we were , not only had we paid the price for the more expensive gun, we also paid for the more expensive shipping and of course we paid custom fees, taxes and FedEx fees for the far higher declared total value of the package.
Had we wanted a standard TTI, we just would have bought one here in Europe.
So my friend contacted SWIT and we even offered them to either ship a steel TTI or send a refund over the sum that we had paid on top of the standard version + expenses due to the higher declared package value (altogether about 300 USD)
They admitted that it was a mispack (all of those emails are available of course) and claimed, they'd ship the steel parts on 3rd of Febuary.
Weeks passed, no tracking number.
My friend contacted them, no reply.
Early March, he contacted them again, no reply.
I contacted them with a very angry email, suddenly they replied and said they'd have shipped the parts and that they will look for the tracking number.
Days passed, I asked again.
SWIT then stated, that they have found the tracking number and that the package was delivered, but, and here it gets totally bonkers: They had found the tracking number of the package from last year with the standard TTI inside, which had arrived in January.
I thought about buying a baseball bat and an airplane ticket to Taiwan for a while, then decided to email again and told them about their mistake.
As it was obvious, that they have never shipped out the steel parts to correct their mispack, I now demanded the refund over those 300 USD.
Since then, no response.
We're pretty sure, they will play dead from now on and our money is lost.
So, we have done nothing wrong, but over 10 months (!!!) after placing our order, we're stuck with a completely standard EMG TTI Combat Master, for which we paid over 550 USD in total.
Thanks, SWIT, great deal.
Right now, we have a lawyer check on how to go into legal action against SWIT.
It's incredibly disappointing that it has come that far - collecting and playing airsoft for over 15 years now, never have we witnessed anything like this, neither from shops, nor from private sellers.
Urgent advise to everyone: Spend your money elsewhere, there are tons of airsoft stores out there that are reliable and have a great customer service. SWIT has not deserved your money.
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Sorry to hear that @CatgutViolin

As I did not get any response to my last 3 emails, we gave up. It's obvious, that the only way we could go now is taking legal action, but suing a shop on the other side of the world is far too much effort for 300 USD. And they obviously know this.

So I complimented them on having found a reliable way to rip off foreign customers and after staying polite and business-like for dozens of mails I politely asked them to go *fruitcage* themselves.


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