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QR buckle plate carrier upgrades (Tactifans)


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QR (Quick Release) connectors on Plate Carriers are a common feature nowadays, These are plastic closures that attached to the front of the Cummerbund, so that the PC can be doffed, and undoffed  without having to pull off the Velcro flaps, this way the PC can be put on, and off faster than usual (whether or not in emergency situations).

Originally an invention of First Spear, but now there are several other brands / concepts.

1.0 First spear
Is an American gearmaker founded in 2010, by Jonny Laplume and Scott Carver, 2 experienced industrialists with ties to the military and law enforcement Special Operations community. Their goal: to come up with new innovative solutions for existing systems. The 6/12 (laser cut PALS / Molle) and the TUBES are their main game changers.

1.2 First spear tubes
is the license name of the QR closure developed by FS, which consists of 2 halves that slide together and can be quickly disassembled by means of a drawstring.

The AAC and Strandhogg are the 2 best known First Spear PCs with the Tubes,  the USMC introduces the GENIII PC since 2020

                    AAC                                               STRANDHÖGG                                    PC GEN III (USMC)

2.0 ROC
Stands for Rapid Open Connector, and is made by the Italian 2M, and is also called the 'European Tubes', it is a similar system, of sliding closures,  the ROC is even so similar to the TUBES that First Spear started a lawsuit against it in 2018.

The ROC is used by Tasmanian Tiger, Templars Gear and Chase Tactical, among others, below are some examples.


Knights Templar Gear Cpc               Tasmanian Tiger QR SK                  Chase Tactical MEAC-R

3.0 Upgrades / Customization
In the meantime, a few companies have also started developing upgrade gear items, and customizing gear, such as Spiritus, AXL, MOS, Flimmuur ... which use the separately available Tubes and ROC connectors.


4.0 Tactifans
All this has inspired me so much that I start looking for diy and replica versions, and that's how I discovered Tactifans consisting of 3 stores on Ali Express

Tactifans offers has of nice accessories at affordable prices, including a number of QR closures in both TUBES, and ROC style, separate, with Cummerbunds, and Adapters.

TUBES-Style Tactifans connectors

ROC-Style Tactifans connectors

4.1 AVS 3-strap QR cummerbund
My first Tactifans-asset was this 3-strap QR cummerbund for my AVS, with € 25, the cheapest i could find on Ali Express imo the Tubes system is just ideal, you simply click the PC in place, always on the same size, and with 2 clicks it is released again. (more about this later in my upcoming AVS projects)

This Tactifans cummerbund is  based on the MOS Cummerbund, made with the Spiritus LV119, and First Spear Tubes.

Naamloos.png (7.29MiB)

Naamloos.png (4.7MiB)

5.0 MBAV (8Fields) upgrade project
Due to the ease of use of the QR vs Velcro, on my AVS, I decided to upgrade also my old 8 Fields MBAV with these QR closures, For this I chose a Tactifans cummerbund adapter with ROC style buckles, and I also choose the Tactifans Shoulder Strap in ROC style.


Below my old 8Fields (Taiwangun) "MBAV" plate carrier, before  the "QR-mod"


Originally, the Cummerbund is attached with the Velcro flaps.


When taking a closer look at the Tactifans ROC straps, in function of the MBAV mod, it turned out that the bottom half was not really suitable for attachment to the MBAV. I find the bottom strap is a bit strange. That's why I swapped the bottom ROC buckle with the strapless half.


To be able to attach the ROC Shoulder Straps I needed some short Nylon straps, since the 8Fields MBAV torso straps are more than long enough, I could safely cut a few pieces there.


Dusted off my My Tailor Skills then 😉
First made 1 piece of it, under the sewing machine so that everything remains better positioned


At the back some Tri-Glides which I still had from an old backpack, these are ideal for the adjustment of the Shoulder Strap at the back

The Tri-Glide is sewn on the back of the shoulder strap of the MBAV, I will leave the original quick release in place for a while, until I am sure that the new system is 100% good before cutting it.


And with the Tactifans ROC strap attached.


The Tactifans Cummerbund adapters are very easily attached to the Molle, Tailor skills are not required here.


Since it is in fact a test setup, I have turned the cummerbund backwards, the velcro flaps are at the back.



And the end result.
The system also works very well here, even in this preliminary configuration, it must be said that the Molle adapter takes up quite a bit of "Molle Space", in a next phase I will modify this further,  i will attach the ROC closure directly on the Cummerbund, I will have to go to the shoe maker for that as my sewing machine can no longer handle these thicknesses.


So far so good, stay tuned for more updates/grades.

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