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Can't justify keeping this any longer. I have been using it on my ERG and was intending to buy a .22lr and use it on that as well but looks like that isn't gonna happen this year .  So time to send it off to a new home.

What can I say about this sight,  it looks a worn as it a genuine battle used item but don't tlet that fool you, these things are built like tanks.  When you firt turn it on and turn the know you will think its not working, it is.  It just comes on very very dim so it can be used with nods without burning out. th etube and it turns up brighter than your gonna need even on the sunniest of days.  Using this compared to a replica is like using a £1000 custom gun over a £80 Cyma, there both do the same basic thing but this does it so much better and for longer.

Price for this is £380.



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