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ruger mk 1 , recently acquired this non blow back assassin pistol and it is a real technical , nightmare to fix to a decent standard ,not even shooting 15 feet in some conditions , so when i came across this thread on modifying the pistol performance

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I find that this pistol does require a really good gas fill of the magazine (that does seem to cool down quickly). I initially used the "old standard" of .20 bb's, would occasionally get the same issues as you are having. I then went to .23's and it got better, then tried .25's and it seemed to clear up most of the problem. I can reach out to about 70+ feet with a warm magazine. Also try a thorough cleaning of the inner barrel if you've not done that yet. It can get pretty nasty in there. Trigger pull will never be that great (as is the case with most non-blow backs). However, your trigger finger is going to get real muscular (lol).

I'm heavily invested in the AAP-01 pistol (its amazing). It's quite a bit more hefty to the Mk1 and performance is considerably better (there is no comparison), however, I can suppress the Mk1 quite well (nearly as quiet as my TM Mk23) which you cannot really do that well with the AAP-01 (but then again I am throwing .30's over 100+ feet at a considerable fps and its blow-back). 

The hop-up on the Mk1 is pretty funky as it is so low tech. Try some heavier bb's for awhile (a couple hundred shots) in warm magazines and see how it works out. Best of luck to you.

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My Mk1 is totally stock with the exception of a threaded adapter that takes the place of the outer barrel and allows the attachment of a suppressor.

I also have the Marushin Assassins version of the Mk1 that came with suppressor (foam filled). Looks cool but doest have the range or power of a standard Mk1 as the inner barrel is half the inner barrel length. Still looks cool though.

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To be honest, if you can't get more than 15 ft out of a stock mk1 you probably have too much hop on, the screw pitch is fairly coarse, 1/8 of a turn makes a big difference, max hop will lift a 0.4g bb, unless you are using gas with too much silicone oil in it.

There aren't many upgrades available for the hop rubber patch, only a specific rubber for Marushin/maruzen (not sure which) M700 Sniper rifle from memory, but my mk1's are running the same rubbers they came with 9 years ago, clean the rubber with dish soap or alcohol to remove any oil and start with the hop off gradually adding 1/8 turn at a time.

I'm on Instagram as @junglesairsoftblog.


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