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6.0 The 3-Strap Skeletal Cummerbund

After i reviewed my TMC 3219 (AVS), i started with the actual set-up, (and for witch i want to achieve a DA-set-up actualy) 
I wanted to try out the more rigid CPC set-up, and at the same time I also wanted a Tubes closure to have less Velcro wrestling with the cummerbunds.

I made already this Topic earlier about QR closures and Tactifans btw

The Tactifans 3-strap Cummerbund turned out to be the most economical, it is based on the MOS Tactical which uses the First Spear Tubes.
The Tactifans is equipped with Tubes-like QD closures, and very stiff, the Multicam colors, however, are slightly different.



Naamloos.thumb.png.d6aa10db24dc30bfc22092546fce7fde.png (1023.19KiB)

As I mentioned, the Tactifans cummerbund is very stiff,  the tri glides,  which came with the TMC 3219 barely got over the Tactifans straps,
Now are these Slides not directly necessary for the set-up, but however still a characteristic detail of the original Crye AVS, reason enough for me to keep it.

6.1 ITW Nexus Oval Slides
These Tri Glides are fully called ITW Nexus Oval Slides and are manufactured by the respective American manufacturer (Berry Compliant) and as said before, characteristic for the Crye AVS look.

The TMC Oval Slides had to be a fraction bigger, to be able to pass the Tactifans cummerbund through, thet also turned out to be thinner than the original (1mm instead of 2mm) Reason enough for me to...
  • Start up the CNC milling machine.
  • Write a program.
  • Made 6 new, 2mm thick, Oval Slides 
  • Do the necessary deburring work.
  • Sandblast.
  • Add a Fosco Coyote paint finish.

You can view the result in the pictures below.

tri glide colage.png (14.74MiB)

tri glide colage2.png (12.78MiB)

tri glide collage 3.png (8.91MiB)

6.2 Emergency Doffing Cable
Is another dramatic feature, of which I already made a Demo-Video in my review, so nice that I wanted to use it on both sides of the cummerbund , now the TMC 3219 only comes with 1 cable, so again time for another DIY project 😉

After searching for 6mm plasticized cable, I found out that this is also called fitness cable (for fitness equipment) 

  • I bought 1 meter of fitness cable at Ali Express for a few cents.
  • Set of Heat Shrink Tubing obtained from Gamma
  • Some Velcro strap cannibalized from a boneyard Mag pouch.
  • And made a cable choke clamp made from a piece of stainless steel tubing.

As soon as I gathered all the necessities, plugged in the heat gun, and after half an hour of work, I had 2 Emergency Doffing Cables, see the progress pics below.

cable collage.jpg (4.03MiB)

cable colage 2.png (14.25MiB)

The End result

cable colage3.png (16.22MiB)

And the both cummerbunds assembled with my Custom made Oval Slides, and Emergency Doffing Cables 

cable collage 4.jpg (5.32MiB)

The loose ends tucked in

cable collage5.jpg (2.86MiB)

And the end result.

cummerbund collage.jpg (3.26MiB)

cummerbund collage2.jpg (4.78MiB)

cummerbund collage3.jpg (2.67MiB)

My Complete 3-Cummerbund Photo Album

It must be said that there is also a disadvantage with these type QR closures, you lose, at least 1 row of Molle space at the front,
space that is occupied by the QR Buckle itself, you can opt to provide a QR closure on 1 side only, but that can complicate an Emergency-Undoff 
Spiritus Systems has tackled this issue a bit  with theirLV-119 MOLLE Tubes Cummerbund.
Here the MOLLE loops run all the way, up to the QR buckle, the LV-119 does not exist as a replica (yet), so I am playing with the idea of modifying the Tactifans into an LV-119 ish cummerbund. 

but I am still not sure howto. 🤔

391285651_lv119vsalicummerbund.thumb.png.3417c185619fcf79420a41e3f0db104c.png (661.59KiB)

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