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Cyma M14 EBR DMR


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Make: Cyma
Gun/Model: M14 EBR
Accessories: 2 hi caps, 1 mid cap, scope mount, moe vert grip
Condition: used
FPS: 425
Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No/Maybe/No
Price/Payment: £220
Pictures: below

Picked this up and decided to DMR it up, I haven’t went full hog and it’s only restricted mechanically By removal of the selector arm, internally it has been full stripped, cleaned, reshimmed, Airlab sorbo pad fitted, new full cylinder, AOE corrected, Guarder M130 spring, ZCI high torque motor (22 tpa) ZCI 407mm 6.02 tightbore, full new wiring loom using Airlab 16 AEG MPPE wire.  All other parts are standard cyma. 

it’s doing 425 on 0.2g bb’s with no hop set

the scope mount was for a standard M14 and I’ve chopped it down to fit onto the EBR chassis but it’s not flush with the front top rail

The crane stock is from a specna arms so plenty of battery space and it’s all wired to deans, all selector parts will be supplied, the tightbore does protrude a little from the flash hider.

just kinda fallen out of love with it as my local site doesn’t allow DMR’s and I’ve recently built a Black powder red earth Style M4.

more pics can be supplied on request 



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