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KSC System 7 SIG Sauer SP2022 - Volante Airsoft & Shooters Design Upgrades - RARE

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Make: KSC
Gun/Model: System 7 SIG Sauer SIG Pro 2022
Accessories: 3x Magazine, Volante Airsoft complete hop-up/inner barrel set, Shooters Design CNC aluminium slide and outer barrel kit
Condition: Mint
FPS: Gas dependent, <350fps
Splits/Swaps/Part Exchange: No/No/No
Price/Payment: £200 + Shipping
Pictures: As below, more available on request.


For sale is a KSC System 7 SIG Sauer SIG Pro 2022. Long out of production (though some spare parts and magazines are still available), this pistol is extremely rare. The only other SP2022 replica is a KWC NBB. This is an Asian-market replica with full SIG trademarks, and all of the even rarer upgrades for this platform:

  1. A Volante Airsoft complete hop-up/inner barrel assembly. This is vastly superior to the standard unit in range, accuracy and not un-setting itself at random. It has an improved nub and bucking, and a stainless-steel inner barrel.
  2. A Shooters Design aluminium slide and outer barrel kit, CNC'd from billet. This has full SIG trademarks and is exceptionally rare.

This pistol is in mint condition; I have shot less than 100 rounds through it.



The pistol comes in its original retail packaging.



It is accompanied by three magazines, a hop-up adjustment tool and the manual.



This pistol is in full working order.

This pistol retailed (when available) in the EU for approximately £155, the slide and outer barrel kit retailed (when available) for approximately £135, the hop-up kit (when available) for approximately £35, and the spare magazines for approximately £26 each for a total retail value of £377.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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