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How did I manage to miss a WE Galil GBB?

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Uh, guys... I wanted to make sure that this is a new thing and not something I slept over.


Basically, Gunfire has this thing on offer, and it's a Galil GBBR made by WE. Is this fresh and newsworthy, or just something that went over my head?

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7 hours ago, renegadecow said:

Definitely new, if it even is real. WE are quick to make teaser vids by old dudes in the factory.

Look, if it's in stock in a store and has a price tag, it got REAL. Real like, Real Inner-City African-American Hours real.


7 hours ago, Dimitri MdP said:

Wut??? how come I didn't know about this? 

Which is why I'm asking.

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I thought that too but KA has trades.  Are they available without trades?  There are also slight differences.

Plus, €540 for a KA Galil?  Pretty steep...

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